Automotive Leadership Summit

by Oracle & SoftClouds @ OOW17

A Roadmap to The Future
of the Auto Industry

The auto industry is in a period of dramatic change. Technology advancements are creating smarter vehicles that enhance the driver and passenger experience and will ultimately lead to a whole new driving experience. The first steps have been navigation systems, emergency warning systems and In-car entertainment and hybrid vehicles. Vehicle telematics and connected cars have changed the face of the auto industry by providing features that not only help us drive more safely, but keep us entertained as well. The future will bring us self-driving vehicles, cars that tell us when it's time to get service and advance warnings that something is wrong with our vehicle. Beyond that, the future of the automobile industry is only limited by our imagination.

Are you interested in knowing?

  • How technology is driving the future of the auto industry

  • How CX solutions are evolving to meet the expectations of Customers? Next Generation Innovative Use cases

  • How can you lead innovation in the auto industry

Oracle & SoftClouds are pleased to invite you to the Automotive Leadership Summit on Oct 2, 2017

Learn how Auto OEMs are levaraging technologies & innovative concepts to keep up with rapidly increasing competition, customer expectations, and technology changes to better compete.

With the auto industry evolving at lightning speed, automotive OEMs need to get the most out of CRM to deal with customers' demand for excellent and next generation customer experiences.

Oracle & SoftClouds invites you to join this complimentary, Informative half-day Executive, Invite Only Summit. The interactive sessions will be delivered by Experts from the Automotive Industry. This Summit consists of live presentations, demos, Use Cases and roundtable discussions.