Cloud Chatter-Nov 2017

Balaji Ramachandran,

Founder and CEO, SoftClouds LLC

A Special Message

As we are preparing to close 2017, we are sending you our last newsletter for the year that highlights our most significant achievements from this quarter.

The SoftClouds team continues to redefine customer experience for our clients and partners, and we are excited to bring new and innovative technology solutions in the next year as we did in this one.

We would like to thank all our employees for their continuous hard work and determination they show every day. We would also like to thank our partner Oracle and our loyal clientele who have stood with us; you made 2017 a great year for SoftClouds.

See below for some of our projects and updates from this last quarter of 2017.


Oracle Sales Cloud Setup, Integration to Marketing Cloud & other Systems

SoftClouds was engaged by a large landholding organization to assist it in the deployment of Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud. Since our client has a unique marketing approach to its existing and new customers, we created a seamless integration with Oracle Sales, Marketing Cloud & its ERP.

Oracle Sales Cloud  -  Setup, Implementation, Audits & Training

A professional consulting and design firm that provides engineering, planning, environmental and construction services leveraged our expertise in Oracle CRM/CX solutions to further enhance their already deployed instance of Oracle Sales Cloud. The project covered activities like upgrading to R12, Outlook redeployment and configuration, OSC Mobile application redeployment and configuration, and some other managed services like training, administration of users, building reports and conducting audits.

Oracle Knowledge Management Deployment

SoftClouds has been working with a multinational automaker to widen an Oracle Knowledge Management solution deployment from the North American market to Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific market will double the user base and incorporate a Global User Interface that will prepare for further expansion to other markets.

Projects in Progress

Oracle Knowledge Advanced Implementation & Integration to HCM

One of North America's largest independent manufacturers of consumer packaged goods is leveraging SoftClouds to implement Oracle Knowledge Advanced (KA) solution. With the addition and integration of KA alongside their HCM application, SoftClouds is rolling out a complete feature set to enhance their HCM solution, as well as making support available on a 24x7 basis for employees seeking to make direct inquiries of the HR Knowledge Base.

Oracle CPQ Cloud Design & Implementation

SoftClouds is deploying Oracle CPQ Cloud to an 80+ year-old military-grade pump manufacturer. Given the unique needs of the customer for security, accuracy and ease of use, the client selected SoftClouds to bring this CPQ system to life. After extensive requirements gathering, we are configuring a flexible, robust and easy to use CPQ system that will meet their needs for years to come. We are also integrating their homegrown systems with CPQ.

Oracle Sales Cloud & CPQ Cloud Deployment

SoftClouds is working to deploy Oracle Sales Cloud solution for a leading fiber and infrastructure provider. The client desired to centralize its CRM activities into a robust but easy to adopt the system and to implement a 'CPQ lite' system that would enable the client to generate quotes and invoices directly from the Sales Cloud.

Integrated Oracle Sales Cloud & CPQ Cloud Solution

SoftClouds will deploy a tightly integrated cloud-based solution to a customer-focused manufacturing, sales, and distribution company that was looking for an Oracle Sales and CPQ Cloud solution. The Client was looking to bring their sales process into an automated mode, and SoftClouds enabled them to maintain the high touch customer service their customers were accustomed to.

Hybrid Cloud Implementation  -  Siebel & Service Cloud

SoftClouds is collaborating with an automobile conglomerate to design, develop and implement a hybrid multichannel innovative next-generation solution by integrating Oracle Service Cloud with Siebel for Dealer Complaint Management, Email Management & Knowledge Management.

Integration of Business Service Systems to Oracle Service Cloud and KA

A telecommunications company providing business communication solutions has engaged SoftClouds to assist with the integration of business service systems to Oracle Service Cloud and Knowledge Advanced. We are involved in the development of reports as well as training the client on KCS report development.

New Customers

Implementation of Oracle Knowledge Management

A large healthcare insurance company has been working with our team to make improvements on their current instance of Oracle Knowledge Management application. We have been guiding and assisting them with dictionary clean up and tuning, as well as a more in-depth knowledge transfer, resolving their analytics and install configuration issues, and developing a tool that would help them make changes in their knowledge base programmatically.

Migration of Cloud-Based CRM Solution to a new CRM Instance

A technology leader in Activity & Event Management Solutions headquartered in Texas is undergoing a Merger & Acquisition. SoftClouds is working on an exciting project in migrating their cloud-based CRM solution that is integrated with Salesforce, Eloqua, EBS, CastIron, DialSource & a few other home grown systems to a new CRM Instance.

Siebel UI Modernization

SoftClouds helped to redesign, develop and implement legacy Siebel portal application at a major airline with DOT mandates for desktop and mobile platform. A solution was provided to enhance the customer experience for membership purchase, renewals, payment processing flow to match branding and built with responsive UI using web technology.

Upgradation to Siebel CRM

SoftClouds is working with an American multinational, biotechnology product development company based in Southern California. Our client is a world leader in serving science with revenues of $15+ billion and approximately 50,000 employees in 50 countries. The client uses Siebel and SoftClouds is helping them with Siebel Technology related issues and resolutions.

CSC Enhancement Project  -  Oracle Knowledge Management & Salesforce

SoftClouds led a project to improve the usability of the CSC site for both customers and employees with a multinational telecommunications testing company. This CSC implementation integrated Salesforce UI and CRM with OKM Search and delivered this project.

Building Next Generation Innovative Product with User Interface

SoftClouds is helping an established software solution provider in the Home Furnishings industry in the design and development of an innovative product. SoftClouds technological expertise compliments the design and rollout of an updated solution user-interface.


SoftClouds sponsored CRY Walk/Run on Oct 8, 2017 at Mission Beach, San Diego!


Customer Appreciation Dinner

SoftClouds hosted its Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner at Oracle OpenWorld on Oct 2, 2017 at Amber India, San Francisco, CA

SoftClouds hosted an Automotive Leadership Summit at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

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Our Innovations

OpenReact for Siebel

OpenReact is a Next Generation and Futuristic User Interface (UI) that can be used to replace the old style and ordinary Siebel Open UI Interface. OpenReact will also offer cross development code development that can be leveraged to compile on top of web/Android/iOS platforms and showcase the same user experience. The advantages of OpenReact would be lower maintenance costs and highly optimized performance. For now, we are collaborating with a client to take advantage of this ultramodern User Interface for Siebel.

We hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about SoftClouds and our extensive experience in CRM, please email us at "marketing-at-SoftClouds-dot-com"