Cloud Chatter-Sept 2017

Balaji Ramachandran,

Founder and CEO, SoftClouds LLC

A Special Message

They say time flies within no time and we couldn't agree more. We have already entered the last quarter of the year and achieved various milestones in the last few months. We would like to share them with you here.

SoftClouds strives to deliver quality solutions with on time delivery. Thanks to all our employees and their specialized knowledge and unparalleled expertise, we continue to support our clients on their journey towards a better customer experience.

We thank our partner Oracle and our customers who have stood with us in our quest towards perfection of software solutions. We have some fascinating projects we are working on and we would like to highlight some of the projects here.

Hope you find these highlights interesting and insightful.


Integrated Oracle Sales Cloud & CPQ Cloud Solution

SoftClouds deployed a tightly integrated cloud based solution to a customer focused manufacturing, sales and distribution company that was looking for an Oracle Sales Cloud and CPQ Cloud solution. The Client was looking to bring their sales process into an automated mode, and we enabled them to maintain the high touch customer service their customers were accustomed to.

Innovative Sales Process with Oracle Sales Cloud

SoftClouds implemented an innovative Oracle Sales Cloud solution for a client in the North Eastern United States that builds intelligent solutions for all industries. The client develops technologies that automate processes for better business, healthcare and customer service practices; and accelerate new products to market. The Client needed an innovative CRM solution to automate the Sales Process and SoftClouds customized Oracle Sales Cloud for their needs.

Hybrid Cloud Implementation - Siebel & Service Cloud

SoftClouds collaborated with an automobile conglomerate to design, develop and implement a hybrid multichannel innovative next generation solution by integrating Oracle Service Cloud with Siebel for Dealer Complaint Management, Email Management & Knowledge Management.

Oracle Knowledge Advanced Implementation

A client well known for the design, performance analysis and service assurance systems for next-generation network technologies, leveraged the expertise of SoftClouds for its Customer Service Center sites as well as the integration between their Salesforce CRM and Oracle Knowledge Management based KB.

A leading commercial source for automated materials characterization systems incorporating superconducting technology.
Your Source for Scientific Instrumentation

- Greg DeGeller, President, Quantum Design International

"The Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation for our worldwide offices required highly specialized efforts and SoftClouds was able to customize the CRM Solution to suit our company's needs. Their successful implementation of CRM on Demand, and then transitioning to Oracle Sales Cloud, greatly eased our transition and SoftClouds did an excellent job to deliver quality solutions on time. We look forward to working with SoftClouds on future projects in the near future."

Oracle Sales Cloud - Deployment Overseas (Japan/Korea/China)

Quantum Design Inc. (QD) is the manufacturing arm of Quantum Design International (QDI). Located in San Diego, California, QD is the leading commercial source for automated materials characterization systems incorporating superconducting technology. They are using the Oracle Sales Cloud application to manage Customer, Contact and Opportunity information. The application required enhancements and support activities, as well as help implementing in various offices internationally. SoftClouds was delighted to perform a successful Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation for them.

Projects in Progress

Oracle Knowledge Advanced Implementation

One of North America's largest independent manufacturers of consumer packaged goods is leveraging SoftClouds to implement Oracle Knowledge Advanced (KA) solution. With the addition and integration of KA alongside their HCM application, SoftClouds is rounding out a complete feature set to enhance their HCM solution, as well as making support available on a 24*7 basis for employees seeking to make direct inquiries of the HR Knowledge Base.

Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Deployment

SoftClouds is engaged by a large landholding organization to assist it in the deployment of Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud. Since our client has very unique marketing approaches to its existing and new customers, we are creating a seamless integration with Marketing Cloud & ERP.

Oracle CPQ Cloud Implementation

SoftClouds is deploying Oracle CPQ Cloud to an 80+ year old military grade pump manufacturer. Given the unique needs of the customer for security, accuracy and ease of use, the client selected SoftClouds to bring this CPQ system to life. After extensive requirements gathering, we are configuring a flexible, robust and easy to use CPQ system that will meet their needs for years to come.

Oracle Sales Cloud & CPQ Cloud Deployment

SoftClouds is working to deploy Oracle Sales Cloud for a leading fiber and infrastructure provider. The client desired to centralize its CRM activities into a robust but easy to adopt system and to implement a 'CPQ lite" system that would enable the client to generate quotes and invoices directly from the Sales Cloud.

New Customers

Implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud

A professional consulting and design firm that provides engineering, planning, environmental and construction services is leveraging our expertise in Oracle CRM/CX solutions to further enhance their already deployed instance of Oracle Sales Cloud. The project covers activities like upgrading to R12, Outlook redeployment and configuration, OSC Mobile application redeployment and configuration, and some managed services like training, administration of users and OSC application, building reports and conducting audits.


SoftClouds had its Annual Summer Picnic on Sept 16, 2017 @ Mission Bay - Ventura Cove. The picnic was truly a stress-free treat for the whole team, with great food, good drinks & wonderful company.

Oracle & SoftClouds hosted Siebel CRM Roadshow 2017 at the offices of Oracle in Phoenix on Aug 30, 2017.

Click here to know more about this Event.

SoftClouds hosted its Annual Summer Mixer at the Del Mar Races on Aug 25, 2017. The event was attended by our Customers, Prospects and Oracle Partners

Some Exciting Upcoming Events !!!

Join Oracle & SoftClouds - learn how Oracle Knowledge Advanced makes customer service cost effective, efficient, productive & increases customer satisfaction.

Santa Monica – Sept 25, 2017
Irvine – Sept 26, 2017
San Diego – Sept 27, 2017
Live Broadcast – Sept 26, 2017

If you are interested – Contact Us.

SoftClouds will be PRESENT at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 from October 1-5, in San Francisco.

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Oracle & SoftClouds will be hosting Automotive Leadership Summit at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 on Oct 2. The interactive sessions at the Summit will be delivered by Experts from the Automotive Industry which will include live presentations, demos, Use Cases & roundtable discussions.

If you are interested – Contact Us or Register Here.

SoftClouds is excited to host Customer Appreciation Dinner at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 on Oct 2, 2017. Join us & network with fellow thought leaders in the CRM Industry over Dinner & Drinks.

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Our Innovations

SoftClouds is building a platform, "tConnect", that allows users to manage their IoT Connected Smart Devices remotely. Some striking features of tConnect are as below.

  • tConnect could be used by Service Reps, Consumers, and Partners to manage all the devices and their relationships.
  • It would also have an admin interface for Service Providers to analyze, monitor & administer all of its Customers devices.
  • It will support purchase, service, and usage experiences of all devices and interactions between them.
  • tConnect will also leverage all the existing functionalities from Oracle Sales Cloud and IoT Cloud.

We hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter.

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