Our ERP Expertise

Gain Resilience, Agility, and Position yourself for Growth

  • End - End ERP. Automate all your business operations - manufacturing, distribution, finance, GST, Compliance etc.
  • Make smarter, faster decisions, streamline mission-critical processes using the world's most Dynamic cloud ERP solution
  • Immediate value out of the box, with built-in AI, ML, and emerging technologies
  • Optimize Revenue and have a Flexible & Resilient Supply Chain
  • Powerful Analytics & act on Better Insights
  • Achieve super speed and agility with the most complete Enterprise Performance Management.
  • Auto software Upgrades, regular Data backup and 99.9% uptime with Disaster Recovery Plan


Stay ahead with Perpetual and Relevant Innovation

  • Most Comprehensive, Integrated, and Scalable Financial Management Solution
  • Crucial Insights to Advance Business
  • Easy-to-use despite complicated regulatory requirements
  • Integrate Imaging with OCR & reduce errors
  • Smart Cash Forecasts
  • Multi-Dimensional Reporting
  • Unique Customer Rank with Configurable Scoring

Revenue Management Cloud

Simplify and streamline complex revenue recognition processes.

  • Allocate revenue according to the published guidelines for the ASC 606 IFRS 15 standards.
  • Identify and create customer contracts and performance obligations based on user-defined rules.
  • Book revenue when performance obligations are satisfied and process revenue independently of billing.
  • Simplify and automate revenue accounting across product bundles.
  • Have a pre-defined integration with Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) functionality and Spreadsheet integration.
  • Several core-defined Revenue reports using BI Publisher (BIP) and Oracle Transactional Business Allows users to create their own reporting objects.
Revenue Management Cloud
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Experience the Broadest and most Seamless Functionality across your entire Supply Chain

  • Orchestrate an Enterprise Alignment with streamlined Supply Chain operations
  • Real-time Visibility right from Warehouse to Consumers with Dynamic Dashboards & Maps
  • Economical, customizable, and scalable to any size; performance benchmarked on billions of items
  • simplify Shop-floor Execution & Optimize with AI & IoT
  • Accelerate Time to Market, Reduce Costs, and Improve Product Quality in a Digital Atmosphere
  • Maximize productivity with Automated Processes - Automate Oder/Product lifecycle, freight auditing, billing, and payment.
  • Make Smarter Predictions & Better Decisions with AI & ML