Oracle Knowledge Management

Leverage your Intellectual and Business Assets

  • Go beyond FAQs and provide personalized, seamless, cross-channel customer service
  • Provide the right information in an efficient way and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Approach and govern all enterprise information management initiatives with an integrated architecture framework
  • Rapidly validate requirements and compress design time cycle
  • Understand user behavior, such as why users are visiting your site, and what they are trying to achieve
  • Provide global users with a seamless customer experience in various languages, including article translation and language comparison.
  • Easily translate articles across multiple touchpoints with side-by-side translation

Knowledge Creation

Improve enterprise knowledge management with cognitive search

  • Increase the speed at which you develop information to support your customers
  • Create knowledge materials that deliver the best answers quickly with easy-to-use authoring tools and rich media support
  • Gain efficiencies and scale with easy-to-build, point-and-click custom template
  • Support a wide variety of content types and custom requirements
  • Build additional levels of consistency and quality into your content with a full audit history and comprehensive version control

Knowledge Search

Enhance user experience and agility with Intelligent Knowledge Search

  • Get knowledge to all stakeholders with proactive and intelligent search
  • Improve search results, increase relevancy, simplify search maintenance through natural language search
  • Go beyond simply delivering the best piece of content. Show relevant excerpts—from within any document type
  • With a full index of documents and an analysis of document structure, users are led to the exact answer to their question
  • Make it easier to fine-tune search results by allowing users to filter smartly

Knowledge Everywhere

Optimize Customer Intimacy

  • Provide knowledge everywhere—in any environment—on any page, within any app, or across any device.
  • Provide agents with the knowledge to provide quick and consistent answers
  • Facilitate proactive and reactive service across multiple channels
  • Proactively open chat from the knowledge repository when needed, or directly share answers with customers through chat
  • Ensure users can find answers faster than ever with simple, selective browsing that delivers the right knowledge without extensive searching

Analytics and Reporting

Leverage Smart AI-powered search and analytics

  • AI-powered search and analytics will unlock more insights and achieve greater outcomes
  • Use prebuilt reports for insights into knowledge usage, customer interactions
  • Do search analysis easily. Gain insight into the most- and least-used search terms.
  • Discover outdated content by tracking how knowledge is authored and published
  • Gain insights into the effectiveness of document revisions, updates, and re-approval process