Oracle Subscription Management Cloud

Handle your customer subscription billing life cycle from end to end

  • Highly scalable and runs on our Gen 2 cloud infrastructure, giving you unmatched speed, security, and continuity—for organizations of any size.
  • Build a predictable, recurring revenue model
  • can be deployed across sales, commerce, and service channels
  • Integrate front- and back-office processes to manage contracts, billing, and revenue, while providing your team with a complete view of your customers’ purchasing behavior
  • Handle modifications and changes as your customers initiate, renew, upgrade, and alter their subscriptions
  • Bill across the globe and stay tax compliant
  • Create workflow rules to automate actions


Win your Customers’ Loyalty with a Flexible Subscription Management

  • Eliminate complicated administration and manual processes.
  • Take advantage of an agile solution that supports complex products and services, quoting and deal management
  • Support thousands of engagement points across pricing, delivery, and billing models.
  • Provide your sales and service teams the tools needed to easily modify, manage, and renew deployment options
  • Deliver negotiated pricing, usage, or terms with subscription-based quotes and orders.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by providing more ways to engage, elevating customer lifetime value.
  • Intelligently determine cross- and up-sell opportunities for customers with additional needs so you can continue to expand your relationship and your customer lifetime value


Grow your Recurring Revenue

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of your customer billing and payments
  • Connect all the customer touchpoints across the subscription lifecycle.
  • Automate accurate invoicing and billing and improve payment collection
  • Prevent revenue leakage while streamlining your usage calculations and revenue management
  • Easily add subscriptions to the existing ERP system while maintaining revenue recognition rules


Drive Growth through Smarter Reports

  • Capture all the necessary details to support the sales, service, and finance teams
  • Forecast with greater confidence and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Access customer data in one, comprehensive view to better understand user subscription activity
  • Track key performance indicators to identify how subscriptions are impacting the business
  • Ensure regulatory compliance