Capture Knowledge and Deliver Intelligent Information

  • Innovative Knowledge Management System, available both on-premise and in the cloud and Easily integrable across many systems
  • Provide the most Seamless Knowledge Gain Experience
  • Leverage Intelligent Image Recognition
  • Multilingual content creation supported by Machine Learning Capabilities
  • Have Smart Web based content Authoring and Workflow Management


Capture ideas, communicate clearly, and save time

  • Every device. Every time. Capture or view videos, regardless of browser/OS
  • Control the whole process to always know who can access the content
  • API Driven Screen Recording platform that can be integrated into any of your existing products/solutions
  • Provide the best customer experience by allowing their customers to record
  • Leverage the Cloud and On-Premise Storage Options


A SMART Search Experience. Articulate Natural Language Processor for Siebel

  • Query Siebel Databases in Natural Language
  • Deploy Smartly, Either On-Premise or On-Cloud
  • Automatic Insights and Descriptive Analytics
  • Have an Edge with Complete Knowledge Support
  • Useful and Efficient Features Voice Command Inputs
  • Graphical Representation for Search Results
  • Automatic Timeline Checks
  • Smart Detection for spell checks within search
  • No need to Memorize Query Syntax

Smart Channel Intelligence

Lead Channel Business effectively with end-to-end analysis of Sales, Service and Customer experience data

  • One stop secure cloud platform to track and access channel performance and document.
  • Offline Mode gives flexibility to access application within channel stores or service centres.
  • Capture a complete Business Workflow for Auditing & Compliance Regulations.
  • Create goal-based actions plans that drives the Channel growth
  • Track all the actions and goals with esignatures that can be documented for any legal proceedings