Siebel Sales

Deliver Smarter Sales and Empower Your Business

  • Improve Visibility for Sales Management
  • Streamline Processes to Enter Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Products
  • Enhance Customer Service with Intuitive User Interface
  • Accurate Forecasting with Real Time Data Analysis
  • Customization of Sales Modules to handle clients efficiently
  • Enhance Product and Customer details at initial customer contact
  • Address Prices, Order Status and other Concerns quickly
  • Associate with all Sales Processing Behaviors

Oracle CPQ Cloud

Accelerate Revenue & Provide Renewed Focus on What Matters Most: Relationship with Customers

  • Effective and Easy-to-follow steps to identify Customer Needs and relevant Product Offers
  • Improve bottom line with Intelligent Product Recommendations increasing Sales and Margins
  • Quotes are dynamically linked to customers or opportunities giving complete Control and Trackability
  • Seamlessly Navigate from your CRM Solution into Oracle CPQ Cloud to Configure and Price Products, and back
  • Streamline the approval process with automated controls and produce easily produce all documents needed throughout the Sales Process
  • Win Rates by focusing on Right Deals Aligning with Corporate Objectives Intelligent UI Supports Reps
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere, and from any Device Generate Dynamic Contracts with Automated Routing for Approvals and Signatures

Oracle Engagement Cloud

Unified Sales and Service Capabilities

  • Integrated sales and service capabilities on a single platform
  • Sales and Quota Planning, Incentive Compensation, Territory and Partner Relationship Management, Customer Data Management
  • Knowledge Enablement
  • Sales Automation
  • Service Request Management
  • Digital Customer Service - Web Enablement, Knowledge Association, Browse and Chat
  • Wide range of Integration Options
  • Interactive Dashboards & Reports