Technical Engineer
Develop, configure, maintain, and implement applications & APIs being hosted on on-premises and cloud infrastructures using Java, OKM Information Manager/Information Center, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, GIT, Spring Framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JSP, SQL, IM Tag Libraries, and JSON. Develop new features for applications on a date range selected by user, like google advanced option. Provide production support and directly debug and fix issues and change requests reported by business users and end users. Document all features implemented and keep project documentations up to date. Provide reports to collect analytics data related to features implemented to understand applications and catch issues. May require travel/relocation to unanticipated work locations within USA.
Require Master of Science in computer science/engineering, information systems/technology, electrical/electronic engineering, or related field and 1 year of experience in the job offered, software engineer/developer, java developer, CRM associate/consultant, or related field.
Please send resumes to SoftClouds, LLC, 16855 W Bernardo Drive, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92127 Attn: H.R. Dept.